Markus Eggersdorfer - TOP Personalberater 08/2020 / Manager Magazin

"Defining your values is a task,
living those values continuously
is my philosophy!"

Markus Eggersdorfer
Owner of the human resources/management consulting company®

Markus Eggersdorfer

I stand for partnership, loyalty and passion!

My name is Markus Eggersdorfer
I work as a headhunter for the automobile industry and have specialised in the wiring systems sector

This is a special field in which everything revolves around electronics in cars.

Since 1995 I have been working in the automotive world where I feel at home. In April 2007 I founded the human resources/management consulting company®. Within the past 25 years I have built up a powerful network as well as high professional expertise. My clients are national and international corporate groups from the automotive industry. For these companies I have to fill sustainable positions in all specialist departments and hierarchical levels in Germany, Europe and worldwide; starting with young professionals via project, team and department managers up to C-level positions.


I have combined 30 years of sales experience as well as a technical training and since April 2007 I have successfully expanded them as a human resources and management consultant.

I have found my passion for the automobile industry during 12 years in the Mercedes Group.

Today the wiring system sector is my special field. My further competences lie in the field of electronics (high-voltage, E/E, autonomous driving, control units, head-up displays, plug-in connectors, software development).

In addition, I also made appointments in a successful and sustainable way and filled positions in the fields bodywork, NVH & acoustics, STRAK Design, light & visibility, calculation, motors & drives, interior & exterior.

The fields of activities cover research & development, sales, purchasing, human resources, logistics, finance & controlling, and production.

Range of Services

As „one face“ to my clients and candidates I provide advice and organise the whole process of filling a position.

And I do even more to create and ensure sustainability. My long-standing market know-how enables me to promptly prepare a list of the target companies who act in my client’s market and to contact very precisely the right candidates.

Many of these persons are already recorded in my network and I already know them personally. This is how over the years a solid relationship of trust has been established to my clients and candidates which can hardly be achieved by large management consultancy firms due to continuous staff turnover.

Principles and Values

It is my goal to create sustainability for my clients and candidates.

My philosophy is:

“Step on the gas or do not. I do not do things by half!”

Discretion and confidentiality are the absolute basic values of my job.

This is essential, especially for the hidden positions in the C level areas.


Wiring system world
Automotive industry
Automobile trade
IT / Software

  • Development Manager Wiring Electrical Systems Mexico
  • Development Manager Wiring Electrical Systems Spain
  • Development Manager Wiring Electrical Systems Czech Republic
  • Development Manager Wiring Electrical Systems China
  • Quality Manager Wiring Electrical Systems for the OEM VW / Audi / Porsche
  • Quality Manager Wiring Electrical Systems for the OEM Mercedes
  • Logistics Manager Wiring Systems Europe
  • Pre-development Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Human Resources Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • Personnel Officer
  • System Supervisor High-voltage Wiring Electrical Systems for Battery Systems
  • Product and Process Developer Data Line Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Embedded Software Developer Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Components Manager Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Designer Wiring Electrical Systems LCable / LDorado / CATIA
  • Designer Wiring Electrical Systems Development CATIA V5

  • Concept Developer Simulation Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Resident Engineer Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Development Engineer Wiring Electrical Systems High-voltage Onboard Electrical Systems
  • Change Coordinator Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Design Engineer Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Lead Engineer Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Quality Planner Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Quality Engineer Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Project Manager Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Project Manager High Voltage
  • Manager Wiring Electrical Systems Development Team Audi / Lamborghini
  • Program Manager Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Team Manager Construction & Development Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Sales Account Manager Wiring Electrical Systems Unit VW-Group
  • Key Account Manager Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Sales Account Manager Wiring Electrical Systems
  • Senior Project Manager Wiring Electrical Systems
  • CSO / Chief Sales Officer Europe
  • Head of Global Account Management Automotive Wires EMEA
  • Head of Sales Wiring Systems VW

  • Crash Calculation Engineer
  • Calculation Engineer Fatigue Damage Tolerance
  • Calculation Engineer FEM
  • Calculation Engineer Aircraft Construction
  • Calculation Engineer MKS
  • Calculation Engineer NVH
  • Development Engineer Driver Assistance Systems
  • Development Engineer Automotive Engineering
  • Development Engineer Multimedia Systems
  • Group Leader Calculation
  • Group Leader Development
  • Group Leader Construction
  • Designer CATIA V5 lighting Engineering sector
  • Designer CATIA Automotive Engineering
  • Designer CATIA V5 Aircraft Construction / Structural Development
  • Designer Electromechanical Systems
  • Designer Exterior / Attachments
  • Designer STRAK / ICEM – Surf
  • Designer STRAK Exterior + Interior
  • Designer STRAK lighting & view
  • Designer Mechantronics
  • Designer Package Complete Vehicle
  • Designer ProE
  • Designer Shell / Bodywork
  • Designer Injection Molding / Plastics Engineering

  • Design Manager Machine Tool Construction
  • Head of Purchasing Worldwide
  • Head of Production
  • Lighting Engineer
  • Project Engineer Interior
  • Project Engineer Air-conditioning Systems
  • Project Engineer Mechatronics
  • Project Engineer Engine Development
  • Project Manager Aircraft Construction
  • Project Manager Complete Vehicle
  • Project Manager Thermal Management
  • Resident Engineer Construction
  • SE Team Leader Bodywork & Seals
  • SE Team Leader NVH
  • Set-Speaker Vehicle Acoustics
  • Set-Speaker Thermocontrol
  • Team Leader Calculation
  • Team Leader Testing Complete Vehicle
  • Team Leader Design
  • Team Leader NVH
  • Team Leader Testing & Development
  • Technical Project Coordinator Onboard Electrical Systems
  • Textile Engineer Development Convertible Roofs
  • Test Engineer Roof Systems
  • Test Engineer NVH

  • Centre Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Managing Director Car Dealer
  • Managing Director Car Group
  • Commercial Manager
  • Commercial Director
  • Customer Service Reception Area Passenger Cars
  • Customer Service Reception Area Utility Vehicles
  • Manager Storage & Logistics
  • Manager Finance & Controlling
  • Manager Car Fleet Sales / Key Customers / Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Manager Marketing
  • Mechatronics Engineers
  • Passenger Car Mechanic
  • Utility Vehicle Mechanic

  • Personnel Manager
  • Service Manager Cars
  • Service Manager Trucks
  • Service Consultant Passenger Commercial Cars
  • Team Leader Passenger Commercial Cars
  • Sales Manager Passenger Commercial Cars
  • Sales Manager Utility Vehicles
  • Salesmen Passenger Commercial Cars
  • Salesmen Vans
  • Salesmen Trucks
  • Salesmen Buses
  • Salesmen Utility Vehicles
  • Master Mechanic and Manager Passenger Commercial Cars
  • Master Mechanic and Manager Utility Vehicles

  • Software Developer C# / .NET
  • Application Developer .NET
  • Team Leader Software Development
  • IT-System Administrator
  • IT-Administrator
  • Application Developer JAVA

  • Software Developer COBOL
  • SAP Basis Administrator
  • SAP Developer FS-CD
  • SAP Developer HCM
  • SPS Programmer Siemens, Omron, Beckhoff
  • Master Data Manager SAP MM